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Setup a Wallet, Withdraw from an Exchange and Access the Trader Joe Platform

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1. Setup Wallet

To gain access to the Trader Joe platform, you first must install a Digital Wallet. Digital Wallets store all of your Digital assets, such as Tokens and Digital Collectibles (NFTs).

There are many Wallets that can be used to gain access to Trader Joe, the key Wallets that are currently supported are as follows:

2. Getting Tokens to your Wallet

To access Trader Joe you must have Tokens (funds) inside your Wallet. This is because your Wallet will need to sign and pay gas fees for every Transaction you want to make. On Avalanche you need AVAX Tokens, on Ethereum you need ETH Tokens and other chains may require different Tokens.

To get AVAX or other Tokens into your Wallet, you can use any major cryptocurrency exchange. Simply purchase AVAX, ETH or other Tokens and withdraw those assets directly to your chosen Wallet. Each exchange will have different process for withdrawing so it is important to check the relevant guides.

  • Binance

  • Coinbase

  • Crypto.com

  • Gate.io

  • MEXC

3. Using the Platform

Once you have some Tokens in your Wallet, you can head over to the Trader Joe platform. Trader Joe is a fully decentralized exchange, meaning that any transaction on the Platform will require you to confirm the transaction using your Wallet and also pay a small network gas fee for performing that transaction.

When visiting the platform, you will first be required to Connect with your Wallet. A Pop-up will appear prompting you to select your Wallet:

Once you have connected, you can start to use the Trader Joe platform. You can put your assets to work across the multi-functional decentralized platform.

  • Trading Tokens

  • Yield Farming

  • Lending and Borrowing

  • Participating in Token Launches

  • Buying and Selling NFTs

Trader Joe makes DeFi easy, by offering a seamless one-stop experience. Enjoy instantaneous, low-cost transactions and get the full DeFi flavor on the Trader Joe platform, one of the largest Decentralized Exchanges in Crypto.

4. Staying Safe

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Trader Joe Team will NEVER:

  • Send you a direct message first

  • Ask you for your private key or recovery phrase

  • Ask you click a Link to verify your details or account

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