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Having trouble? Don’t worry, most issues are common and easily remedied.

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Trading Issues

"I swapped some Tokens but cannot see my newly purchased Tokens"

You may need to manually add the contract address of the coins to your wallet. Under the main Trade Panel on the Trade page, click the text which reads “Add Token to wallet”. Make sure you select the Token you wish to add to your Wallet by using the Tokenlist.

Unable to swap / “The transaction cannot succeed due to an error: undefined”

Click the toggle in the top corner and increase “Slippage tolerance” by a few percent.

This is how much the price of the Token can change when swapping. Some projects such as those which have 'taxes' will require far greater amounts of slippage, sometimes up to 20%. To find the slippage you may need, we recommend contacting the project directly.

A failed transaction took my coins

Rest assured your Wallet will still have your Tokens. A failed transaction will only take Gas fees. Everything else is reverted to your Wallet, if a Transaction fails. You can check historical token balances at

If you need help doing this feel free to open a ticket in our Discord.

My transaction was reverted

Sometimes in periods of high volatility transactions are reverted due to price changes. The threshold for how much a token price can change is set via slippage (toggle in top right corner). If your transaction was reverted consider trying again in a few minutes or increasing slippage.

Liquidity Pools & Farms

I cannot find a Pool

Make sure that on the Pool page you are searching under all Pools and that your tokens are not in a farm. You can also enter the Analytics centre to search for the Pool you have entered.

I cannot see my LP tokens after I entered a farm

This is normal, your tokens have been deposited in the contract and are no longer in your wallet. You will still receive the % of fees when you withdraw your LP tokens from the pool.

I only have a very small amount of LP tokens

Rest assured that the LP tokens will track the $ amount that you have put into the pool. They are mathematically worked out to represent your share in the pool and since some of our pools have millions of dollars in liquidity your share may be very small.

It says that I have “insufficient balance” to enter a pool

Liquidity Pools are made up of two tokens in a 50:50 ratio based on value. This means that you must provide both token types to enter the pool. The two token types must be in the ratio, and you can see the number of each tokens on the add page.

I can’t see my gains from providing liquidity

You can see the token split of your LP tokens with portfolio trackers such as or when removing from the pool. To find your gain see the difference between what you entered the pool with and what you got when you removed.

Am I still earning pool fees if I have allocated my LP to the farm?

Yes, you will still accrue trading fees on top of earning Farm rewards. For more details please visit the Trading page Trading

Rewards and APR are showing 0 in the farm.

You may be viewing an outdated farm that has closed, you can withdraw your position from this Farm and find an alternative or you can continue to stake your LP Tokens to accrue Trading Fees

Lending (Banker Joe) Issues

Internal JSON-RPC error

Make sure that you are paying back the correct market. You must pay back in the coin that you borrowed. If you borrowed USDC.e you must pay back USDC.e and not anything else. When repaying AVAX you must have at least .1 AVAX more than your debt plus enough AVAX for the gas fee.

Unable to fully repay my debt

It is possible that in attempting to repay your debt a tiny amount of debt was left. This usually will not justify the gas costs in paying it back. Simply leave a tiny amount of collateral when you withdraw to cover this.

How to transfer my Banker Joe positions

If you have any active borrow positions this is not possible. However, if you simply want to transfer your collateral you can simply send the receipt tokens to your new wallet. These tokens begin with “j” and then the collateral name. Take care to make sure you are sending to your new wallet address and not the contract address (that you may have on your clipboard). We suggest sending a small test transaction first.

What are the “J” tokens (jUSDC, jAVAX etc) and how do I swap these

These are receipt tokens that represent your deposited collateral. DO NOT attempt to swap these. Instead redeem from Lending (you will have to repay any borrows first).

What is a negative APY?

This is the interest that you pay on a loan.

Staking Issues

Where did my rewards go?

  • If you top up your existing JOE in sJOE your Stablecoin rewards will be auto-harvested

  • This means that your Stablecoins will be added to your wallet automatically


I sent coins to a contract

Sadly this is a costly mistake as these coins are unrecoverable. Our contracts are not designed to receive send transactions and there is no recovery system for this.

All my coins and/or LP positions vanished

In choosing to use a wallet for which you control, you become responsible for the security and safety of that wallet. If all your coins appear to have vanished you should check your transaction history on Snowtrace or

If you see any transactions sending your coins to another wallet it is likely that you have been hacked or scammed. The three main ways this occurs are being scammed into giving away keys, approving a malicious or faulty contract and having your computer compromised through downloading a malicious file. Being a decentralised exchange, we do not have the power to freeze funds or recover these in any way. We are sorry if this occurs to you and suggest that in the future you use a hardware wallet and a hot wallet, never give out keys and be very careful about what contracts you approve (and revoke doubtful contracts after).

I can only see the header and footer of the site

This is a rare loading error that seems to mainly occur in the Brave browser. You should clear the site data or cache.

In Brave desktop: Click the padlock next to the URL top bar. Click “Site Settings” Press “Clear Data”

The other main cause is that you have two wallet extensions clashing with each other.

Need further assistance?

Come visit us in our Discord server to get dedicated one-on-one support.

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