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sJOE is a Staking product that provides users with yield in the form of a Stablecoin

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What is sJOE?

sJOE is a staking product that provides users with a non-dilutive real yield paid in $USDC Stablecoins. sJOE is a form of real yield and the APR displayed comes, solely, from the trading fees of the platform.

Earn your share of Platform Trading Fees

For every swap on Trader Joe there is a fee charged that is taken and distributed to Liquidity Providers. This could range from a minimum of 0.02% for a stablecoin pair (USDT-USDC) or up to 0.8% for some pools. In some cases, fees may rise up to a maximum of 2.48% based on the volatility caused by the Trade. To learn more about the variable fee called ‘Surge Pricing’ please visit this page

Protocol Fees

Depending on the Liquidity Pool there is a variable amount of ‘Protocol Fees’ that will be captured and distributed to sJOE. The fee share rates depending on the type of market are listed below:

  • Stablecoin pairs 0-5%

  • Alt stables / Staked 10-25%

  • Majors / Network Tokens 10%

  • Altcoins 15-20%

  • Long-Tail 25%

By visiting the Analytics tap linked to a Liquidity Pool, you can view the Protocol Fee. The below example shows a 25% Protocol Fee, this means that 25% of all Fees accrued by the Liquidity Pool will be distributed directly to sJOE.

💡 The final fee share rate of each market is subject to change and the Core Team reserves the right and has the discretion to adjust fee share rates to ensure efficiency and optimisation for all users.

Example of fees accrued:

  • A $100 USDC swap into AVAX will charge a $0.2 fee because it is a 0.2% bps pool

  • AVAX is a “Major / Network Token” - 10% of the fees will be deducted for sJOE

  • $0.2 x 0.1 = $0.02

  • Therefore $0.02 will be converted into USDC and added to the sJOE

Staking into sJOE rewards you with a share of all platform revenue generated depending on your share of the pool. Your share of the pool is determined by how many JOE tokens you have staked into the sJOE pool.

How to Stake into sJOE

Note: sJOE is now live on both Avalanche and Arbitrum. These steps apply to both networks.

  1. Go to the Stake Page

  2. Select the sJOE Staking Pool

  3. Deposit your JOE Tokens

  4. Confirm any Wallet Transactions

  5. Congratulations, you are now Staking!

💡 sJOE is not a token/receipt. Therefore there is no contract ID for sJOE

sJOE Staking

sJOE Staking is a highly accessible staking option. Users can stake into sJOE and unstake from sJOE at any time. There are no fees to enter or exit sJOE, however, this may change at some point in the future.

💡 Rewards are accrued every 2-3 days and will be distributed once accrued. To claim your rewards click “Claim Rewards” and confirm any wallet transactions.

How much can I earn?

  • sJOE Stakers receive rewards proportional to their share of the sJOE vault.

  • Rewards are variable and based on trading fees accrued on the platform, more trading volume will result in more fees captured

💡 Calculation: userRewardRate = userJoe / totalJoe * sJoeRewardRate.

Topping Up

  • You can top up your existing staked amount of JOE to increase your share of rewards

  • When you top up your JOE Tokens with more JOE Tokens, you will automatically claim any pending rewards you may have

  • Claimed rewards automatically enter your Wallet

sJOE Staking Contracts

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