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Wallet Setup: Core

Core is your Web 3 Command Server

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The Web 3 Wallet built by the Avalanche Team

Powered by Avalanche, Core is an all-in-one operating system bringing together Avalanche apps, Subnets, bridges, and NFTs in one seamless, high-performance browser experience. As of its release today, Core is the easiest way to access the full power of Web3 on Avalanche. Core users will find that often cumbersome functions, like adding new tokens to your portfolio, are now automated.

Core is the primary way to enjoy a seamless experience on Avalanche, with core you can:

  1. Bridge — native Bitcoin using the same trusted technology powering the Avalanche Bridge

  2. Swap — hundreds of Avalanche tokens directly from Core (powered by ParaSwap)

  3. Buy — fund Core with cash in just a few clicks (powered by MoonPay)

  4. Ledger-enabled — compatible with industry-leading, secure hardware wallet

  5. Portfolio — view all assets in a unified display without having to manually add token addresses

  6. Collectibles Gallery — manage and view all of your favourite NFTs

  7. Subnets — Native support for subnets with dynamic support forthcoming.

  8. Address Book — create contacts to save frequently used, trusted addresses

  9. Account Switcher — create and manage multiple addresses using the same recovery phrase

Setting up Core Wallet for Avalanche

Core is only available to use on a Desktop device and only via Chrome Browser

Steps to Install

  1. Download the Core App here: LINK

  2. After finding the Core Extension, click “Add to Chrome”.

  3. Once it is installed, pin the extension to "Favorites" for quick access.

Steps to Setup a Wallet

  1. Agree to the Disclaimer that pops up

  2. Type in a Wallet Name and setup your password

  3. Copy your secret recovery phrase and save down in a safe place

  4. Verify your secret recovery phrase

  5. Your wallet has now been created

Video Guide

More Information and Guides

Please use the dedicated resource centre here:

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