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  1. Home Page

  2. Collections

  3. Explore

  4. Collection Page

  5. Filters

  6. NFT Page

  7. Mint Page

The Home Page

The header section (from left to right) contains Explore, Collections, Mint, Search, Network, Light/Dark Mode and Connect Wallet.

  • Explore: Find new NFTs on Avalanche.

  • Collections: A ranking of all collections on Joepegs by volume

  • Mint: Upcoming launch events, where you can mint brand new NFTs.

  • Search: Find NFTs on Joepegs by collection name, artist, contract address or token ID.

  • Light/Dark Mode: Find a mood that's right for you, give it a click!

  • Shopping Cart: Fill your cart with NFTs and purchase them in a single transaction.

  • Network: Avalanche is the network upon which Joepegs runs.

  • Connect Wallet: To get trading/listing on Joepegs or to view your user profile - click to connect.

Featured Collections

The carousel banner at the top of Joepegs Homepage is a great place to discover popular collections on Avalanche. This section is updated regularly to ensure collection suggestions are relevant.

Launchpad Drops

Here you will find projects that will/have launched their collections using the Joepegs Launchpad. You can see the planned launch date of these projects within each cell. For more information on launchpad projects select the relevant cell or 'View more' to go to the Mint page.

Collection Lists

The Homepage also contains various Collection categories, grouping projects into themed carousels. This makes exploring the Joepegs Marketplace easier if you have a particular interest or enjoy browsing. Some examples below:

  • Trending Now: Enjoy our roundup of popular collections

  • Popular NFTs: Based on the number of Joepegs reaction emojis a collection receives.

  • Live Auctions: Single NFTs that are currently being auctioned by users on Joepegs.

  • PFPs: Short for Profile Pictures, these NFTs put ART and community-building first.

  • Gaming: NFT projects that provide Utility for collectors, usually in the form of yield-baring games.


Here you can find a randomly generated list of NFTs currently trading on Joepegs. This is useful for new-comers and treasure hunters looking to discover collections they may not have found without aid.


On Joepegs, verified collections have had their contracts marked as authentic by the Joepegs team. It is important to note that verification does not constitute an endorsement by the team. Always do your own research before investing in an NFT project.

The collections page is an easy to use interface with a number of features that will improve your experience.

  • Collection: The name of the project

  • Floor: The lowest price an NFT from the collection is listed for

  • Owners: The number of unique wallets holding the collection.

  • Items: The number of NFTs in a collection

  • Listed: The number of NFTs for sale on Joepegs

You may search collection ranking based on 1 day (1D), 7 day (7D) and 30 day (30D) and all time (โˆž) views. This will alter the table rankings, specifically:

  • Sales: The number of sales for a collection.

  • Volume: The total AVAX sales for a collection on Joepegs.

  • Highest Volume drop-down: Sort by the highest $AVAX sales in a given period.

  • Highest Sales drop-down: Sort by collections with the most NFT sales

The Collection Page

When you have found a collection you want to explore, simply click on the name to enter the collection page. Here you can find the full NFT collection's pieces, social media links, the collection's contract address and a brief description of the project. If you know the specific token ID, attribute or name of an NFT in a collection, you can use the search-bar to locate.

In the panel below the collection banner, you can find information regarding collection size, volume and price.

  • Items: The total number of NFTs in a collection

  • Owners: The number of NFTs in a collection

  • Listings: The number of NFTs for sale on Joepegs

  • Total Volume: The total amount of $AVAX sales for each collection.

  • Floor Price: The lowest price an NFT from the collection is listed for

Item Filters

The Status Filter allows you to explore the collection, identifying NFTs that you can 'Buy Now' or 'Has Offers'.

  • Buy Now: Purchase an NFT instantly

  • Has Offers: Users have made bids on an NFT, but the offer has not yet been accepted by the seller.

  • On Auction: A user has set the option for other users to bid on a particular NFT. The bidder with the highest offer within a time-period will be able to purchase the NFT at the winning price.

Trait Filters

Beneath this section you will also find trait filters. This is most common with larger collections and allows you to search NFTs by visual characteristics. Select the drop-down menu to view a full list of each trait.

Activity Filters

Here you can see in detail trading activity on individual collections.

  • Sales: NFTs sold

  • Bid: A collector has made an offer on an NFT (usually below listed price)

  • Collection Bid: Place a bid on an entire collection. When an NFT is listed at a desired price, the collection bid will be realised.

  • Listing: When users have put their NFT up for sale.

  • Auction Settle: The final price of an auctioned NFT has been sold for.

  • Auction Bid: A collector who has placed a bid on an NFT during an auction.

  • Auction Start: An NFT in the collection is put up for auction.

  • Transfers: NFTs sent to Joepegs, other wallets or marketplaces

  • Mint: When an NFT is first created on the block-chain.

Analytics Filters

Here you can find a high level overview of a project's history.

  • Trading History: The number of trades made over a period of time.

  • Listing Depth: The number of NFTs within a collection that are listed at different prices.

Collection Filters

Next to the collection search-bar you can rank an entire NFT collections in order of certain parameters, select the 'Price Low To High' drop-down.

  • Recent Listings: Individual NFTs that have been recently put up for sale

  • Recent Sales: Individual NFTs that have recently been sold

  • Recent Activity: Details of NFT token transfers, sales and bids.

  • Price Low to High: Ascending NFT prices

  • Price High to Low: Descending NFT prices

  • Rarity: Rare to Common: Ranking in order of most unique NFT to least unique NFT

  • Rarity Common to Rare: Ranking in order of least unique NFT to most unique NFT

Not all NFT collections have rarity rankings.

Sweep ๐Ÿงน

This section allows you to buy multiple NFTs within collection(s) given certain parameters.

Sweep by Quantity: Enter the number of NFTs you want to buy at once.

Sweep by Price: Enter the price below which you would like to buy multiple NFTs.

NFT Page

When you have found an NFT you would like to examine in greater detail, select the image.

Here you can find information about:

  • Owner: The current holder of the NFT

  • Properties: The NFT's traits, with rarity percentages (the lower the % the higher the rarity)

  • Connect Wallet: Select to purchase the NFT

  • Description: Collection description

  • Royalties: The fee claimed by the artist on every sale

  • Contract Address: Link to contract on Snowtrace

  • Token ID: The numbered NFT within the collection

  • Token Standard: The type of NFT format

  • Blockchain: The network the NFT collection has been deployed on

Below the NFT image you can:

  • Emoji: React to an individual NFT using Joepegs branded emojis

  • Transfer an NFT: If you own the NFT you can send it to another wallet (you must own the NFT)

  • Download: Download the image onto your device.

  • Refresh: Refresh the metadata of a collection.

You can also view activity on individual NFTs at the bottom of this page in 'Offers' and 'History', including Sales, Transfers, Bids and Mints.

Mint Page

Artists or creators who wish to launch their NFT collection on the Joepegs platform can apply via this link. If you need help filling in your application form, please see the Application Support section.

Here you will find Live Mints, Upcoming Mints and Ended Mints. Here you will also find:

  • Number of Items

  • Price in AVAX

  • Mint Status

  • Date of Launch

At the bottom of the Mint Page you can find a complete list of all Joepegs Launchpad projects.

  • Launch date: When the collection launched on Joepegs.

  • Floor: The current minimum price you can purchase an NFT for, with a benchmark percentage of how much the NFT was sold for. This is a useful indicator of how well the collection is performing since launch.

  • Mint Price: The price of a each NFT within a collection at the time of launch

  • Owners: The number of unique wallets which hold this collection

  • Total Volume: The total number of all-time NFT sales within a collection.

The Launch Page

When you have located the Mint you wish to view, simply select the launch card. This will take you to the launch page. Each launch page contains progress bars, which show you how many NFTs has been sold. There is also a countdown timer before mint which indicates how long until a collection is ready to be launched.

  • Reserved: The number of NFTs held back for team / promotional distribution.

  • The Mintlist: You will be able to mint NFTs early +/or at a discount price if you have been awarded a Mintlist (Whitelist) spot by the project.

  • Public Mint: Anyone with a connected wallet and valid AVAX amount can mint NFTs.

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