How to Sell an NFT

Step by Step guide to Selling NFTs on Joepegs

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Selling NFTs on Joepegs is quick and easy. Once you have connected your wallet, navigate to the circle icon to access your profile. Here you can view and filter your owned NFTs, Send NFTs, Bulk List NFTs and Sell NFTs.

Your Profile

Here you can find:

  • Listed: NFTs that you have listed for sale on Joepegs

  • Unlisted: NFTs that are in your wallet but not listed

  • Collections: The various collections your owned NFTs belong to

  • Offers: View offers made on your NFTs

  • Activity: View your activity

Send NFTs

If you want to move your NFT to a new wallet or send to a friend, select the Send emoticon directly beneath the NFT page, or in your profile page (as shown above).

  • Select 'Send NFTs' and check the NFT you wish to transfer.

  • Enter the recipient address in 'Send to'.

  • Once you have entered the recipient, complete the transaction.

Bulk Listing:

  • Select multiple NFTs to list for sale.

  • Enter the price you wish to list each NFT at e.g. 10 $AVAX

  • Select the length of time you wish to list your NFTs for sale

  • Select 'List Selected NFTs' and complete the transaction.

Sell NFTs:

Navigate to your profile to view your owned NFTs. Select the NFT you wish to sell and navigate to this NFT’s page.

  1. Click the Fixed Price or Auction button. You will then see a window appear; select the price you wish to list the NFT for sale at and click “List for X AVAX”.

  2. Finally, your wallet will prompt you to submit the transaction to complete the listing. Click “Confirm” in your wallet of choice and await the transaction to be complete. Your NFT should now be listed for sale.

All done! If there are any issue with your transactions, please visit Trader Joe's discord and open a help ticket.

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