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How to buy NFTs on Joepegs
How to buy NFTs on Joepegs

Step by Step guide for buying NFTs on Joepegs

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Buying NFTs

Trading on Joepegs is a simple process and should take no longer than 30 seconds.

Follow the 4-step guide below to get started.

  1. To get started, connect your wallet (in the top right of the screen) and sign the agreement.

  2. Navigate to the collection and item that you wish to purchase. At this point, continue by clicking Buy Now.

  3. After clicking Buy Now, a confirmation window will appear, select confirm to continue. Click Confirm in your wallet of choice and await the transaction to be complete.

  4. Finally, your wallet will prompt you to submit the transaction to complete the purchase. Click Confirm in your wallet of choice and await the transaction to be complete. You can view the successful transaction using a Block Explorer.

All done!

If there are any issue with your transactions, please visit Trader Joe's discord and open a help ticket.

Buying NFTs with $AVAX or $WAVAX

When you buy an NFT on Joepegs, there are two tokens you can use to complete the transaction.

  • AVAX: AVAX is the Avalanche blockchain's native token. It is used as the primary currency for trading NFTs and paying transaction fees (aka gas fees).

  • WAVAX: As users cannot buy native AVAX on other chains like Etherium, Wrapped AVAX allows users to bridge their non-native AVAX to Avalanche and start trading right away.

When checking out you will be prompted to select either AVAX or WAVAX. Providing you have a sufficient amount of tokens in your wallet you can choose either option. There is no difference in price between AVAX and WAVAX.

Making offers on NFTs with WAVAX

If you would like to Bid on an NFT, then you will need to do so in WAVAX. This process does not require you to hold WAVAX in your wallet, as you can simply swap AVAX for WAVAX in the Joepegs interface.

To do so:

  • Select the NFT

  • Select 'Make Offer'

  • If you need to convert AVAX to WAVAX select 'Swap to WAVAX'

  • Enter the amount of AVAX you wish to swap and select 'Convert'

  • You can now make an offer on your desired NFT

Collection Offers

At the top of the Collection Page (beneath the Collection description) select 'Make Collection Offer'. This allows you to make an offer on an entire NFT collection, irrespective of visual preference.

Once you have selected 'Make Collection Offer' you will see a new pop-up page. This is made in WAVAX, however you can easily convert AVAX to WAVAX by selecting 'Swap to WAVAX'. Once you have sufficient WAVAX to make a collection offer, you can set your offer price and the time duration NFT owners can accept your offer within.

Sweep 🧹

This section allows you to buy multiple NFTs within collection(s) given certain parameters.

  • Sweep by Quantity: Enter the number of NFTs you want to buy at once.

  • Sweep by Price: Enter the price below which you would like to buy multiple NFTs.

Shopping Cart

Joepegs makes it easy to buy multiple NFTs at once.

  • Find the NFT(s) you wish to buy

  • Select 'Add' shopping cart (next to 'Buy')

  • NFTs selected will appear as below.

To view the NFTs you've added to your shopping cart, navigate to the top right hand corner of your screen.

  • Make sure you have enough AVAX / WAVAX in your Wallet and select 'Buy Items'.

If multiple users are attempting to add an NFT to their basket then the transaction will revert.

Exit with ⌃↩


If you would like to place a bid on a live NFT auction, select the NFT and select 'Place Bid'. In this window you will be able to see the minimum value you will need to bid in order to out-bid other users.

Once you have decided your bid price, select 'Place Bid', enter the value and select 'Place Bid' again. Confirm the transaction and your bid will be set.

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