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Joepegs: Launchpad Questions
Joepegs: Launchpad Questions
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NFT Launchpad Questions

Need Contract Creation Services?

  • To make your Art tradable, you will need Joepegs to create your NFT contract

  • Joepegs will deduct a small service fee from the total sale value at launch

Need Collection Randomisation Assistance?

  • Generative art collections with a variety of assets will need to be randomised

  • If you intend to randomise your collection you will need to consider trait rarity

Mint distribution preference

  • On Joepegs there are several ways to release your NFT collection

Public Mint

  • All NFTs in a collection are sold at the same price at Launch

Public w/ whitelist

  • As above, with the addition of white-listed addresses for special privileges

Dutch Auction WL

  • A timed auction where the price starts high and decreases steadily in regular increments

  • The option to include white-listed addresses white-listed addresses for special privileges

  • Supports an additional public mint as a final phase

1/1 English auction

  • A timed auction where collectors place bids of increasing value

Mint quantity per wallet

  • You may limit the number of NFTs each wallet can mint

  • This can help ensure even distribution of holders

Whitelist Attachment

  • Attach your whitelisted wallet addresses here

  • If not available, supply closer to launch date

Dutch Auction Starting Price

  • The starting price will be high and decrease over time

Ending Price

  • Once reached, the lowest price will apply to all remaining NFTs still on sale

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