Learn how to buy JOE and withdraw to your Wallet

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Learn how to withdraw JOE directly to your Wallet

In this quick guide, you can learn how to withdraw JOE Tokens and withdraw directly to your Wallet. This process can be replicated with any Token and the below example will demonstrate withdrawing to the Avalanche C-Chain.

This guide assumes you have an existing account that currently holds some tokens. This also assume you have your own Crypto Wallet such as a Metamask or Trust Wallet.

  1. Click on the 'Crypto Wallet' which is on the bottom of the app

  2. Click on a token that you wish to withdraw

  3. Press the 'Transfer' button on the top of the token page

  4. A pop up will appear asking you to Deposit or Withdraw (select Withdraw)

  5. Select 'External Wallet'

  6. You may need to 'Add Wallet' if so select that option and enter your AVAXC Wallet details

  7. You will need to verify your details and also setup 2FA on your account

  8. Once setup you can transfer your tokens to your Wallet

  9. All done!

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