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In the Trader Joe Community you have an opportunity to participate and complete tasks to level up your Discord role and Community status. You can unlock reward tracks, get rewarded for your interaction and contribution as well as discover a new ways to participate in a Web3 Community. Dive down to learn more.

Trader Joe: The Community Heroes Program

A community recognition initiative that celebrates members who go above and beyond to contribute positively and shape the community ecosystem. Contributions in various forms should be acknowledged and as a bonus, be rewarded.

Categories of Recognition:

Within the Community Heroes Program, there are three distinct categories, each symbolizing a unique and diverse contribution to the Trader Joe ecosystem:

  1. The Joker: This category celebrates individuals who bring joy, humor, and fun to the community. The Joker highlights the value of those who enhance the communal spirit through their light-hearted engagements.

  2. The Threader: This accolade is reserved for members who help to raise awareness about Trader Joe. The Threaders are pivotal in amplifying our voice, sharing valuable insights, and engaging broader audiences. Their efforts in promoting visibility are invaluable.

  3. The Maker: Dedicated to the product advocates among us, The Maker honors those who sharing their success stories, feedback, and innovative uses. Makers are instrumental in championing Trader Joe products.


Recipients of each category will be distinguished within our community through a unique Discord role, making them easily identifiable as a beacon of contribution and spirit. Additionally, they will be awarded $50 in tokens as a token of our appreciation for their dedication and impact.

To ensure broad recognition and inclusivity, no individual will be honored consecutively in the same category. This approach allows us to celebrate a diverse range of contributions and ensure that new heroes are recognized in each cycle.

Community Heroes are rewarded on Trader Joe Community Calls, so when you see the next community call hosted in Discord, make sure you tune in.

Trader Joe: Levels and Roles

Trader Joe builds his community using Guild, the community homepage that enables seamless and automated experience for distributing roles, adding enrichment and providing rewards for community members. Checkout the Trader Joe Guild page here.

Below you can find a range of roles and links to start unlocking them


By staking JOE on Avalanche, Arbitrum or even Mantle you can climb your way up the ranks of the JOE Staking role. Start from 1,000 JOE up to 100,000 JOE to claim the ultimate 'JOE Staker' role.

⚡ Leveling up: To get started simply head to the Trader Joe Guild page and search for the Joe Staking Ranks:


This role is best suited to users who are looking for adventures across the entire $JOE ecosystem via Quests. Explore and complete Questing opportunities to level up.

⚡ Leveling up: To get started simply head to the Trader Joe Guild page and search for the Indiana Joe Ranks:


The Governance Club is a great way for the community to start shaping the decentralized future of the Trader Joe ecosystem. Help govern and shape the future of Trader Joe and become part of the exclusive governance council.

⚡ Leveling up: To unlock Governance Joe ranks simply head to and view the requirements:


The Rocket Joe role is unlocked by holding Rocket Joe NFTs. This is a commemorative role for the deprecated 'rJOE Staking' that was once active on the Trader Joe Decentralised Exchange.

⚡ Leveling up: To get started simply head to the Trader Joe Guild page and search for the Rocket Joe Ranks:


To access this role you will need to collect NFTs from all the main Joe Studios Collections: Smol Joes and Peons.

⚡ Leveling up: To get started simply head to the Trader Joe Guild page and search for the Joe Studios Ranks:


The Market Maker community segment can be unlocked exclusively through ranking high enough in the Liquidity Book Rewards Program. This is for the professional Liquidity Providers who are capable to manage concentrated liquidity.

⚡ Leveling up: Once you have completed one rewards epoch you will be able to unlock your Maker Medal by claiming it from here:

Next visit the Maker Club to claim your role:

Trader Joe Invites You

Stay up to date on the Community Circle with the Trader Joe community calls on Discord to stay informed on all things $JOE, including Community Circle quests, governance proposals and new integrations.

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