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Liquidity Book Rewards: Getting Started
Liquidity Book Rewards: Getting Started

How to provide liquidity and earn bonus rewards using Liquidity Book

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How do I get started?

Want to participate in the Liquidity Book Rewards Program but not quite sure how to get started? Follow these simple steps below, or dive down further for a more thorough walkthrough.

Detailed Walkthrough

First Step

  • Navigate to the Pool page and look for Liquidity Pools marked with a 'Rewards' label.

  • Hover over the 'Rewards' label to view the current live Epoch and the reward allocation for that specific Liquidity Pool.

  • Multiple 'Rewards' labels indicate various Liquidity Pools with assigned rewards. Feel free to contribute liquidity to one or several pools—it's entirely your call on how engaged you wish to be.

  • While you can add liquidity at any stage of the Epoch, doing so at the beginning is most advantageous. It maximizes your earning period, potentially boosting your position on the Leaderboard. For a more detailed strategy, continue reading the guide.

Second Step

After selecting one or more markets to provide liquidity for, you can proceed to deposit your assets. The process is straightforward and involves just a few clicks, but it requires you to make several important choices.

Determine the amount of liquidity to supply:

You have the flexibility to choose any amount and ratio, such as 1 ETH to 500 USDC or the reverse—1000 USDC to 0.5 ETH.

Choose your liquidity profile from three options:

  • Spot: Distributes your liquidity evenly across your chosen range.

  • Curve: Concentrates your liquidity towards the center of your range.

  • Bid-Ask: Concentrates liquidity more towards the edges, opposite of the curve option.

Set your Liquidity Range:

Use the sliders to adjust your range conveniently. Or, manually enter your desired price range for precise control over your deployment.

Once you’ve made these decisions, the UI will present a simulation of your liquidity distribution. If you’re satisfied with the setup, you're ready to deploy your liquidity.

For more information about the types of strategies you can deploy on Liquidity Book you can view this page

Final Step

Once you have provided liquidity, you will start to earn fees providing your liquidity is in range. You'll know your liquidity is in range as the "My Liquidity" graph in the top left will indicate that you are in range. The aim is to earn as much fees as possible, so you can climb the ranks of the Leaderboard. To unlock rewards, you'll need to finish the Epoch in a top 30 position.

All ranking is final by total fees accrued, so the more fees you earn the higher your position relative to others and the more rewards you will unlock.


Can i exit a pool and then re-enter at a later date?

Yes, your entire contribution over the Epoch duration is tracked, so you can enter and exit any number of times. Everything is linked and tracked to the wallet you use.

Can I participate in multiple Liquidity Pools at the same time?

There is no limit to how many pools you participate in, each pool is tracked independently.

When will I receive my rewards?

Rewards are distributed in the following days after the Epoch. They are distributed and collected directly from the 'Rewards' tab where you can claim the rewards at any time. They are typically vested over a duration of 7 days.

More for help about the Liquidity Book Rewards program you can view this article or join the Trader Joe Discord.

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