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  • Explainers on YouTube

  • Liquidity Book Workshop Video Series

  • Learn with Intern Video Series

Liquidity Book Workshop

Watch this series of educational workshop videos, helping you to understand some of the finer details about Liquidity Book such as Liquidity Shapes, tips and tricks about monitoring positions and unique differences that sets Liquidity Book apart from competitor AMMs in the space. This is an educational guide and not intended as financial advice.

Blocmates Liquidity Book Explainer

Liquidity Book Shapes and Deployment

Setup and deploy Liquidity using Liquidity Book, by Wajahat Mughal

A general overview on Liquidity Book

Liquidity Shapes Deep Dive

Key Differences and Strategies

Learn with Intern

Learn with Intern introduces short form video content that gives you simple and accessible 60 second video clips about key products. If you are limited on time and want the high level take, click the button below and watch the Learn with Intern videos.

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