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This is an instruction guide helping you to bridge your JOE tokens to different chains that the Trader Joe Decentralized Exchange has direct access to. To read more about bridges and to understand their purpose in DeFi, please view this article: What Are Bridges?

Bridging JOE Tokens using LayerZero on Trader Joe


This guide will walk you through the process of bridging your JOE tokens using the LayerZero bridge on the Trader Joe Decentralized Exchange (DEX). This process allows you to seamlessly transfer JOE tokens between different blockchains supported by Trader Joe and LayerZero.


Ensure you have a compatible wallet (like MetaMask) installed and set up.

Have some JOE tokens and a small amount of the native cryptocurrency of the blockchain you are using (e.g., AVAX on Avalanche) for transaction fees.

Step by Step Process: Bridging your JOE Tokens

1. Connect Your Wallet

On the Trader Joe platform, ensure your Wallet is connected. Connect your wallet by clicking on the ‘Connect Wallet’ button in the top right and selecting your wallet provider, such as Metamask, Rabby, Core or other.

2. Access the LayerZero Bridge

Once your wallet is connected, navigate to the LayerZero bridge interface on the Trader Joe DEX. This can be found under a menu labeled ‘Bridge’ as seen in the below image.

3. Choose Your Chains

Select the destination chain (e.g., Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain) to which you want to bridge your JOE tokens. In the below image example JOE is being transferred from Avalanche to Arbitrum.

4. Enter Amounts

Once you have selected chains, you'll need to confirm how much JOE you want to bridge. You can select any amount of JOE you have, just type in your sum.

⚠️ Common Issue: In some cases you may have to remove decimal points and transfer a whole number. EG: instead of transfering 100.04535252 transfer 100 (delete numbers after the decimal point).

5. Gas on Destination

If you are transferring to a new blockchain you have not yet been on, you will need the native blockchain network gas token. In the case of Arbitrum, you'll need some ETH. You can do that while transfering your JOE tokens, using LayerZeros infrastructure to facilitate a swap for you that gives you some gas when your JOE tokens arrive.

To utilise this feature: select "Add" and enter in any amount of gas tokens you want, such as 0.01 ETH.

6. Final Check

Review the final transaction and press "Transfer". LayerZero bridge will provide you with an estimated time of arrival, which should be a number of seconds. Depending on network congestion, this could take longer.

Once the transfer is complete, check your wallet on the destination chain to confirm receipt of your bridged JOE tokens. the UI will provide you with a transaction link, enabling you to check the blockchain explorer for verifiable confirmation of its completion.

Different JOE tokens by Chain:

Token: JOE

Contract ID

Explorer Link









If you need help and want to ask questions about bridging and transfering your JOE tokens, please join the Trader Joe Discord and open a support ticket for dedicated help.

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